Cà del Diavol e Orrido di Bellano

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Attention! For reduced cost tickets and for free tickets, the document and/or title entitling to the reduction or free ticket will be requested at the entrance. In the absence of a suitable document or title, the ticket is invalid and cannot be refunded or integrated.
A maximum of 8 people can enter the Ca' del Diavol per slot (one every quarter of an hour).
The complete visit inside takes 45 minutes.
Only after visiting Ca' del Diavol can the visitor enter the natural gorge of the Orrido di Bellano.
With the Ca' del Diavol e Orrido ticket you will have to show up at the ticket office at least 10 minutes before the visit, otherwise you will lose your tickets.

For the entry of groups of more than 15 people, please write an email to: gruppo@orridobellano.it to agree on the date and time slots required for the visit.

The visits at 9:30 – 11:30 – 13:30 – 15:30 and 17:30 are in English
For information on opening hours https://www.discoveringbellano.eu/it/ca-del-diavol/

IMPORTANT:  Dogs are not allowed inside Ca' del Diavol